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Roman Showers: Emetophilia

There is a term that I need to share and get it out there more: Roman Showers. Roman showers are the other end of golden showers...though technically the two could be combined in a golden roman shower...but I will elaborate on that later.  Roman showers refers to the act of vomiting on another person. (Usually for some form of sexual pleasure.)

What can I say about roman showers?   First off, don't judge...maybe it's hot to get someone's tummy juice all over your face.  Actually, I did a post earlier on Vomerophilia which is the arrousal from seeing someone vomit...but Roman Showers seems like a more fun to ask someone... "Are you into Roman Showers?" -- and I have to wonder, what percentage of the population is into this?

For some, this is hot???
I will ask my wise Uncle Google.  And the official results are...none. I couldn't any percentages because it's a bit weird, no?  Under researched for sure. 

Some research of note on the topic:
Stoller, R.J. (1982). Erotic Vomiting”, Archives of Sexual Behavior 11: 361-365 (1982).


Aggrawal, Anil (2009). Forensic and Medico-legal Aspects of Sexual Crimes and Unususal Sexual Practices. Boca Raton: CRC Press.

Apparently, most people that have this fetish are female and it is apparently somewhat common among girls with Bulimia Nervosa --as the guy forcing her to puke takes all the guilt away.  Some examples:

  • A woman that didn’t actually vomit herself but claimed she could reach orgasm “by imagining someone vomiting in a hard, humiliating fashion”.
  • woman who experienced an orgasm every time she vomited.
  • A woman said that “vomiting for me is like an orgasm in that I’m tensed, I feel the intense flood of good feelings almost continually throughout the vomiting and experience relief and quiet warmth in my body when I’m finished. It is not identical to an orgasm. I do not feel it intensely in my genitals alone, but I do feel it there as well as the rest of my body and in my mouth”.
  • A woman who puked when she was 6 years old while her grandmother rubbed her back and her knee inadvertently stimulated her clitoris -- linking the sensations
  • A woman who was 11 years old when she was caught masturbating by her father and then he sexually abused her. The young girl came during the encounter and was so disgusted afterwards that she puked...and the sensations were forever linked in her mind. 

The term Roman Showers comes from the alleged practice of the Romans having a vomitoriums to puke up the contents of full stomachs so that they could eat more in an orgy of food.  However, Cecil Adams of The Straight Dope (I love this guy's writings, btw) explains that vomitoriums were actually passageways in the amphitheaters designed to quickly eject patrons out into the streets. So much for the hedonism of Romans...but the name still stuck. 

Roman Showers is definitely easier to remember than Emetophilia (being sexually aroused by vomiting or observing others vomit) and this vomit fetish name quickly brings to mind 'Golden Showers' which is the act of peeing on someone for sexual pleasure.   Some are aroused by the spasm and ejaculation followed by relief of vomiting. Others get off on seeing and hearing someone vomit. I suppose it is possible to be turned on by the smell...but that is one hell of an acquired taste. :/ 

Max Hardcore with some sloppy, slimy sex
Roman Showers are now associated with deep throating and gagging...especially in extreme porn such as the porn genre created by Max Hardcore with his shock and humiliation.  However, I believe Roman Showers are most common in the BDSM community as an act of dominance and submission. 

Bulimics definitely can adopt this fetish easily as they are often filled with guilt over their purging acts and having a partner 'force them' to puke removes all the guilt and turns it into an act of submission which is guilt free. This could actually be a healthy expression of bulimia if the Dom is the one completely in charge of making her puke as it could take the control away from the bulimic girl and he could monitor her vomiting so that the obsessive portions of this disorder are kept in check and he can monitor her health and ensure she is not puking too frequently for her own good. 
vomit_fetish_roman_showersNow as promised, I will take Roman Showers to a new level and combine it with golden showers.  How is this done? Easy, pee down the girl's throat as she blows you and then force your cock down her throat so that she gags and pukes your piss back up all over your cock.  It actually feels quite warm, slippery and pleasant.

There are many negative health consequences from regular induced vomiting including:
  • tooth decay and cavities
  • red eyes from broken blood vessels
  • rotten gums
  • erosion of the esophagus
  • sores in the mouth
  • vomit is not sterile like urine (contains gut bacteria)
  • electrolyte imbalances
  • changing the pH of the vagina (if you puke there) with associated yeast infections, irritation, inflammation and increased risk of STIs. 
Google Bulimia for more info.  But also know that we evolved so that we could vomit every once in a the trick is not doing this too frequently to cause damage.  Precaustions can be taken to avoid damage such as immediately rinsing with water and then brushing your teeth (ideally with a baking soda based toothpaste.)

Sqweel 2: oral sextoy

The Sqweel 2 is a sex toy with 10 flexible tongues that rotate around in a wheel.  It is made of 10 silicone tongues that rotate in a wheel as an oral sex simulator. The tongues rotate around in a circle and basically act as many tongues licking your lady bits.  The Sqweel 2 is 30% more powerful from the original and it also has more settings.

And it is made by Lovehoney but fair warning, these people do not follow the conventions of a u following a 'q' and radicals like this can't be trusted. That's in not a 'u' but a double 'u' (w) so grammer nazi's be warned.  I love that warning. *evil grins*

First off, a thing I like about this is the toy is silicone.  That means it is easy to clean and won't harbor harmful bacteria or viruses.  A concern I first had about this toy is how the hell you clean it. It turns out it was engineered to be cleaned.  The Sqweel 2 comes apart easily with the side panel coming off and then the wheel of tongues is removable.  Simply wash the wheel of tongues in warm soapy water and clean out the wheel casing with a cloth and the whole toy is cleaned. Easy.  (Oh, air dry and reassemble by putting the back on and snapping on the side of the case again.)

black-oral_sex-toyThe toy takes 3 AAA batteries to run and works well with a LOT of lubrication.  Small amounts of lube just won't be enough for this to help you find real pleasure. The controls consist of 3 speeds and 'forwards', 'backwards' and 'back and forth' rotation settings.

The rotating wheel works well for some girls but it seems like it could be an issue if you have very long labia lips or (god forbid) long pubic hair which could get caught in the wheel and pulled around. Also, feedback on this is: the Sqweel 2 is GREAT but has a big learning curve to figure out just how to use it.  This product has a bunch of very strong, vocal supporters and also people that really dislike it or didn't get much pleasure from it.  So it really is a matter of preference and trying it out to see if it is for you.  Now, from my experience, some girls love having their clit licked and sucked in all variety of ways and other girls just adore a constant lapping motion (which is the most boring to oral to give, in my humble opinion) but also these girls would also most likely benefit most from the Sqweel 2.

The most important thing is lube.  Use tons and tons of water based lube with the squeel (water based so the lube doesn't break down or damage the silicone.)   The best way to apply the lube is put lube on your partner's stomach and then turn on the Sqweel and lap it all up. This is required for the best, frictionless feeling that is closest to oral sex (so I am told.)

What I like about the Sqweel is it can used on any part of the body and also used by a partner or Dom to stimulate many sensitive areas --anywhere that can be licked can be pleasured by the Sqweel 2.  The feeling of it is not quite like a tongue but definitely tongue-like and the cost is decent too at $59 -- and that price for a silicone toy is a definite win. It is certainly worth trying out to see if it is for it could be your favorite sex toy ever. Get it here (and get ready to Squeal)  and let me know what you think.

Oh, and if that doesn't convince you...this might:

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Max Hardcore Songs!

Max Hardcore Songs!   Lol, I found some songs dedicated to the porn legend Max Hardcore.  It is funny because I never imagined that making young skinny girls puke on your cock would inspire people to write songs about you.  

Max Hardcore just recently turned 60 and is once Max Hardcore inspired and warped an entire generation's values just at a time when kids of the digital age are exposed to porn by the age of 12 or many view him as a villain.  And others idolize him in song.
again free from prison -- as he was sentenced for making porn so obscene that it offended the community values...and in hindsight, he probably is responsible for a lot of the extreme, sick porn that is out there.

Regardless of your feelings toward him, Max Hardcore has had a much bigger influence on this coming generation -- including the porn they watch and being one of the biggest promoters of anal sex -- than anyone is giving him credit for.  And for that...he's earned a couple of songs.
Incorrect - Does a Max Hardcore Tribute

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Final Thoughts:
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