Happy 60th Bday Max Hardcore!

paul_littleMax Hardcore, aka Paul F. Little turned 60 this week! So Happy Birthday Max Hardcore!!

The reason I like him is he uses ageplay scenes and he is definitely a Dom.  Of course, I see it through the filter of being a Master in control where others definitely don't appreciate his style but he was first introduced to me by a shy girl who really appreciated his work and could barely get out the phrase, 'This is how I want you to treat me, sir." So I see him partly through this girl's eyes whenever I have watched one of his scenes.  And I appreciate him because, well fuck, he'd do anything he could think of and was creative at it too.   (Warning: his stuff is not for everyone. And by everyone, I mean, everyone. His stuff is almost there...yet his lack of emotional connection or use of the extreme treatment as a way of forming a strong bond with the girl is seriously lacking -- and THAT would take his stuff to the next level.  Instead of a 'throwaway tart' he should be, in my humble opinion, grooming the girl to be his lifelong devoted sexpet and ever eager sex slave.)  But yeah, he liberally uses piss, fisting, vomit and gagging and anal sex yet thankfully draws the line before scat play. (Thank God!)

max_hardcore_porn_legendThis infamous porn producer and performer was responsible for pushing the limits and boundaries of what is acceptable in porn.  He pioneered the who vomit fetish genre though now it is possible to see many gagging and extreme face fucking video --because he basically invented the genre.  He created such extreme videos with acts such as:

  1. putting a speculum in a girl's ass
  2. spreading it wide
  3. pissing into the girl's anus
  4. inserting a clear hose into her anus
  5. shoving the other end of the hose in her mouth
  6. making her drink his piss out of her own ass using this straw 
So yeah, his name is pretty damn accurate and well chosen.   Max Hardcore has made a ton of videos and I have seen estimates  (which I don't believe, fyi) that this porn legend is worth up to $705M in 2015.  But that seems way too insane to be real. 

Still, he is known as the King of Gonzo porn and is well respected in the adult film industry -- especially because the US Government convicted him on 'obscenity charges' for pushing the envelope so far (with consenting adults) and he went to jail as a free speech activist. 

And now he's just turned 60! So happy birthday Max Hardcore! His actual birthday is August 10th, 1956. I have to wonder how exactly he is celebrating...but I would be surprised if he makes it through the day without whipped cream and cake being squeezed out of a some cutie's ass.    His website is www.max-hardcore.com|
Screencaps from Max Factor #18 -- fisting, piss and vomit. Seriously Hardcore.